Informed Consent

Present your informed consent to your trial participants in an easy to understand manner

Trial Protocol

Increase the comfort of patients throughout the trial by providing them online access to their trial protocol


Empower your subjects by providing easy access to education material

Trial Design

Assess how your trial subjects experience the trial in order to understand their needs better and optimize future trials

Get subject engagement statistics
and quantify your retention strategy

Understanding the needs of your subjects better will lead to better results.

Full Patient Security And Anonymity

No subject identifiers are stored, guaranteeing data privacy and user protection throughout the trial.

Measurable User Engagement

By understanding the engagement level of your trial participants, you will be able to increase your participants' motivation.

A True Patient-Centric Approach

Patient input during trial design can help you understand the barriers of trial participation. With this tool, you have a proven solution to be truly patient-centric.

Easy To Implement At Your Sites

This solution can be easily implemented at various sites and in various languages, making sure you have a homogeneous approach for all your trials.

What our partners say

Our solution puts patients first and helps you to become truly patient-centric

"I am very much in favour of this tool. My subjects often forget to bring their medication to my consultations, simply because we did not have an online system to remind them. Thanks to the Trial Manager I can be more efficient and my patients feel more at ease."
"We use another system for the trial administration, but that is not at all connected to my patients. Finally, I have a solution for my patients to be always up to date with the latest information they need to feel safe and to know what to expect, all explained in a simple way"
"At first I thought I would spend more time managing my subjects in a trial with this solution. But, it soon became clear that instead of spending time, I save time by efficiently communicating with my subjects."

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